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ULTRAFORMER Study: High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound and Eyebrow Lifting

The full title of this clinical study is: Effect of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound on Eyebrow Lifting in Asians (Won Jong Oh et al.)

Here’s a brief rundown of the study:

As skin aging progresses, the elasticity of the skin decreases and facial wrinkles are commonly seen. Various treatment modalities have been applied to treat wrinkles, yet patients are seeking more effective non-invasive methods with lower risk and minimal downtime. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology, originally used in cancer treatment to destroy cancer cells has emerged as an effective, non-surgical, tissue-tightening procedure.

There are several reported results for face, neck, and body tightening with the HIFU device. However, there are few clinical trials that objectively present the efficacy and safety of application of HIFU to the forehead in Asian people. A total of 30 Asian patients (25 females and 5 males) were enrolled in the study. Study approval was granted by the Chung-Ang University Hospital Institutional Review Boards (C2013149[1109]). We received the patient’s consent form about publishing all photographic materials. All patients were treated with HIFU device (Ultraformer; Classys Inc., Seoul, Korea) with a 7-MHz, 3-mm transducer to the forehead. Local anesthetic was applied to the target region.

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