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Reasons to choose ULTRAFORMER for your non-invasive face lifting & body contouring. Benefits For Practice Micro and Macro Focused Ultrasound (MMFU) Depth Cartridges for maximum resultsGuaranteed patient and physician satisfactionMF2 Depth Cartridge targets the narrow and sensitive regions on the…

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So many magazines and catalogs have featured the ULTRAFORMER 3. Vogue, ELLE and so many more. Check out this exciting cover and article below. Become the New You, with ULTRAFORMER.  Your friend and the greatest solution for face lifting &…

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Shrink enlarged pores with ULTRAFORMER! Having enlarged pores may not be the thing we wanted to have on our face. It's one of the problems million people face around the year. The pores could be enlarged due to various reasons such as being clogged,…

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