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Ultraformer III Treatment is a Go-To for CEOs

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Recently, Ultraformer III was featured as the go-to treatment for busy CEOs the CEO Magazine online.
Here’s a summary of the article linked below:


But long days at the spa and invasive beauty procedures aren’t an option for Phillips. “I can’t commit to weekly or even monthly treatments or procedures with long recovery times,” she says. “I need a quick treatment that produces immediate results and allows me to carry on with my day.”

“When you spend so much time in front of clients, it’s a great feeling to know you can look and feel your best without having to go to extremes.”

When she heard about a new non-surgical facelift procedure called Ultraformer III, Phillips immediately knew that it ticked all the boxes for her. Using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU), Ultraformer III delivers waves deep into the skin to stimulate collagen regeneration. The result is skin that is visibly lifted, contoured and tightened after just one session.

“A lot of aesthetic treatments focus on the surface of the skin whereas the Ultraformer III works on a deeper level to reveal a lifted and contoured look by tightening the skin,” says Phillips. “It works to sculpt the cheekbones, jawline and jowls and creates a subtle lift to the brows for a refreshed appearance around the eyes. The results are natural, so it’s not obvious that you’ve had something done, but my friends are all giving me compliments. I also love how easy the treatments are and how seamlessly they work with the rest of my beauty routine.”


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