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ULTRAFORMER Study: Efficacy of Macro-Focused Ultrasound for Upper Facial Laxity

The full title of this clinical study is: The efficacy of macro-focused ultrasound in the treatment of upper facial laxity: A pilot study (Rungsima Wanitphakdeedecha, et al.)

Here’s a brief rundown of the study:

Background: Recently, macro-focused ultrasound (MFU) has become a popular non-invasive aesthetic treatment for facial laxity. However, there are no studies done that evaluated the use of MFU with a 2.0 mm transducer for upper facial lifting.

Objectives: To evaluate the efficacy and safety of MFU with a 2.0 mm transducer in the treatment of upper facial laxity in Thai patients.

Methods: This was a prospective, evaluator-blinded pilot study with 34 Thai patients diagnosed with mild to moderate facial laxity. Patients were treated with a single session of MFU with 2.0 mm transducer at the forehead, lateral and just below the eye area. Primary outcome was the clinical improvement of upper facial laxity graded by 2 blinded dermatologists at baseline, 1-week, 1-, 3- and 6-month follow-up. Objective measurements including eyebrow height, upper facial volume and textural irregularities were evaluated. Patients’ self-assessment scores and adverse effects were also recorded.

Results: Out of 34 patients, 27 (79.4%) attended all follow-ups. Clinical improvement of upper facial laxity was observed as early as 1-week follow-up. Eyebrow height elevation was significantly increased at every follow-up (p=0.000) with an average of 1.22 mm at 6-month follow-up. Wrinkles improved significantly at 1-week and 6-month follow-up (p=0.002 and p=0.010, respectively). Skin roughness showed significant improvement at 6-month follow-up (p=0.004). Majority of the patients (53.6%) reported marked improvement at 3-month follow-up. No serious adverse event was noted.

Conclusion: MFU is a safe and effective treatment for upper facial laxity and skin textural irregularities in patients with mild to moderate degree of laxity.

If you are interested in reading more then check out this study!

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