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I had a write in from a follower wanting to share their experience with treatments they received with the ULTRAFORMER III. Here’s their review:

At 53, I am interested in getting as much lifting and tightening as humanly possible when it comes to my face and neck. I usually happily go in the way of a needle as I have been getting Botox over the years, but the limit I draw my adventurousness at is invasive procedures or knives. And since a few months ago, with a life event coming up, I’ve been preparing as much as I can. I settled on achieving a bright and youthful appearance by going to my local skin clinic to get Ultraformer III treatments.

They suggested non-invasive face lifting treatments right away after hearing and seeing my concerns. The procedure started with a warm blanket and a relaxing environment, and then I was introduced to the Ultraformer III system. They applied the wand-like device to my cheeks, chin, and eye areas. The goal is to lift and tighten the skin in those zones by stimulating the body’s natural regenerative process using high-intensity frequency ultrasound that sends short bursts of energy to varying levels of the skin (as the clinician said). The feeling wasn’t too hot, it was tolerable and far from painful. The wand seemed to be heated to a comfortable degree. I did feel a mild sting which made me feel like the device was doing its job; it was kind of comforting in a way for me to actually feel something. As the clinician explained, the tissues are being targeted and thermally injured to a degree that causes the production of new, strong collagen in my skin which ultimately led to the smooth, healthy skin I can see today. At the end, when they took some photos, I knew I didn’t look 53 in those. The youthful look I had even immediately gave me a boost of confidence. I ultimately left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I’m glad I went in and I am confident my upcoming life event is going to be a success.

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