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Ultraformer 3 Uses the Latest Tech in Aesthetics

Check out this Romanian coverage of the ULTRAFORMER III. It uses the latest MMFU technology (macro and micro focused ultrasound) and offers, in a single short session, a facelift effect and body firmness that lasts at least a year.

ULTRAFORMER uses high intensity focused energy based on ultrasound that enters the targeted area. This removes old collagen and stimulates the creation of new collagen in the tissue, giving us impressive results of facelift, wrinkle reduction, firmness and body reshaping.

The treatment for the face and neck lasts 20-30 minutes, and the one for the body, 30-40 minutes.

ULTRAFORMER III can be applied on areas such as forehead, eyebrows, cheekbones, lower jaw, in case of double chin, on the nasolabial folds, neck, middle, armpit, abdomen, thighs.

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