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Ultraformer Spotlight: Patient Review / Part 2

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A recent Ultraformer III patient recently shared with us a few of their main questions they had before and after receiving treatment. Here’s a short Q&A for everyone else that is thinking about receiving treatment with Ultraformer III.

Question 1) The research suggests that results can be instant and often it can take up to 4 weeks later to see the continued effects. The continued effects include more lifting and tightening. How quickly did you notice a change in your skin and did it improve over time?

“Yes, I noticed a change straight away and, if I recall correctly, I continued to see results for the next month as well.”

Question 2) How often do you need to get the treatment?

“So far, I’ve gotten the treatment twice and I will try and maintain my face lifting results by getting it once a year.” 

Question 3) Were there any side effects that you noticed? 

“Nope, I didn’t experience any real side effects so I had no concern. There is no downtime involved in this treatment so I was able to go right back to work and keep doing what I do every day like normal.”

Question 4) Can anyone try treatment with Ultraformer III and is it widely available to the public? 

“As far as I know, yes and yes, I’ve heard of many clinics offering treatment with Ultraformer III all across the world.”

Question 5) Would you recommend Ultraformer III treatment to your friends and colleagues? 

“Of course, I totally would. I think my friends especially can benefit from getting the treatment. My friend, Susan, the other day was telling me how she needs a kick to get her skin looking more youthful so I’ll have to talk to her about it again. I want all my friends to get collagen production improved and that tightening and lifting effect.”

A big thanks to our patient for answering those questions I’m sure you all have. Check out more on and our other social media channels.

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