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Celebrities Recommending Face Lifting with Ultraformer III

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We have a patient review to share with you about a woman in her 50’s choosing to go with the Ultraformer III’s excellent treatment after hearing about it from a celebrity.

Janice, New York, 50’s:

“I’ve done so much research into different face lifting treatments; from facial peels to injectables. And, I thought that most of these intensive treatments would involve some downtime. But then I heard about Ultraformer III, a non-invasive, quick, and painless treatment from my Fashion Week magazine subscription.

It uses South Korean ultrasound technology and I’ve heard that all the good treatments come out of South Korea. The process takes between 25 to 45 minutes and can assist in lifting, tightening, and contouring. More specifically, contouring the jawline, decreasing lines and wrinkles, creating an eye lift and even contouring the body, all of it can be done with Ultraformer III. It’s such a cool idea and sounded super easy when I read all about it.

After the treatment, about 4 weeks later, I noticed my skin looking plumper, less hollow, and less wrinkly. These are all the results I wanted because I tend to go for a no-makeup look so this helped increase my natural beauty. I even heard about media personality Kate Waterhouse describing this treatment as the ‘set and forget beauty treatment.’ All this was fitting because the resulting effects can occur over time for up to 12 weeks and last for months!

I recommend going to your local clinic and checking out what you can get done as it’s not just for your face but also for your body. I’m considering going back to focus on my thighs.”

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