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Top Face Lifting and Neck Tightening Tips

Top tips for face lifting you can’t find anywhere else!

It’s no secret that we are so focused on our faces and how we appear out in the world. We do all these face lifting treatments and techniques to get our skin the smoothest and brightest it has ever been. Specifically I have found that the same face lifting products can be used for neck tightening and lifting as well. So here’s a few tips and tricks for neck tightening that can also be helpful for face lifting!

1. Micro-needling is a go-to

This is a relatively inexpensive face lifting and neck tightening treatment where tiny needles are rolled over the skin to cause mini injuries. As those mini injuries heal they promote collagen production and repair the skin’s sagginess. You can also treat dark spots and skin unevenness!

2. Always consider using retinol

Retinol is a vitamin that helps with speeding up cell regeneration and collagen production. It has been used for preventing wrinkles for many years so make sure you get a neck tightening/ face lifting cream with it inside!

3. Try neck patches to lift the skin

Neck patches might seem like a new product for you as it was for me but you can put these on overnight and wake up to smooth, hydrated skin. Definitely a way to push up your skin as you sleep and reverse any sagginess from gravity.

4. Apply creams and product upwards to reduce skin sagging

I mentioned this a bit before but for the best face lifting and neck lifting effects you should apply any cream or product to your face or neck in an upwards motion. It helps the muscles under your skin that contribute to sagginess get a bit of a break. 

5. Use sunscreen liberally and often

The sun does more damage than we realize and over the years it’s going to affect the skin on your neck and face more than you’d think. To protect against those harmful rays make sure to get a daily sunscreen. Sunscreen isn’t just for the beach anymore!

6. Stimulate collagen professionally

Sometimes we need professional help and boosting the effects of your at-home daily treatments can be achieved through a professional facial a few times a year. Professionals can also recommend the best products for your skin specifically as your skin changes over time.

7. Use lymphatic drainage tools

We’ve covered lymphatic drainage tools like Gua Sha before but I encourage you to do some more research into different lymphatic drainage tools that can be used all over the body; including your neck! These tools help with face lifting and getting your skin nice and plump without any extra weight. 

8. Do neck exercises

I’ve personally been getting into exercising more nowadays and I’ve been going on walks more often. I find that it’s so simple and easy to do these neck exercises when I’m on the go or at home. By building up the neck muscles we prevent sagginess over the years and improve the current condition of our neck sagging. 

Do you have any questions about face lifting? Feel free to comment and I will try to do my best to answer.

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