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From January 26 to 29, the International Master Course on Aging Skin (IMCAS) hosted its 19th World Congress at the Palais Des Congres convention center in Paris, France. Over 7,400 who attended this event from over 90 different countries expressed immediate interest in the contact cooling technology of the new and improved SCIZER, a contouring system that successfully complements cooling and heating procedures.

A first major event of the year for CLASSYS Inc., IMCAS Paris proved of great importance as it showcased its recently upgraded SCIZER presented by Dr. Bertrand Pusel, MD. Following other expert opinions in the medical and aesthetic technologies market, Dr. Villy Rodopoulou, MD, also contributed in a lecture regarding the CLATUU, speaking about “Cryolipolysis, achieving non-invasive sculpting of difficult areas.

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