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ASAPS Conference 2015, Sydney, Australia

38th Annual Asaps 4
38th Annual Asaps 4
38th Annual Asaps 2
38th Annual Asaps 5
38th Annual Asaps 3
38th Annual Asaps 438th Annual Asaps 238th Annual Asaps 538th Annual Asaps 3


TThe 38th Australasian Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Conference was
held from October 22nd – 25th at the Hilton in Sydney.

The conference included key speeches addressing CLASSYS technologies and its products, which were introduced to the Australian market.

With the main focus of the conference addressing body contouring, breast, and facial plastic surgery, CLASSYS showcased its impressive portfolio of non-invasive technologies, receiving high recognition for leading in advanced methods that it continues to grow and cultivate.

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